Beautiful beachfront accommodation for rent on Koh Jum

FAQs for Piman Pu

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How do I get to Piman Pu?

Piman Pu is on an island, Koh Jum (Koh Pu). We will arrange for you to be collected from Krabi Airport, Krabi Town, Laem Kruat Pier (see map on the home page) or the fast ferry (Koh Lanta to Krabi), which runs in high season .

What do I bring?


Our resident chef will be pleased to prepare Thai meals with food you purchase. In addition, we suggest you might wish to stock up with groceries at either Tesco Lotus (big western style supermarket), Big C, or the big local (talad) market at Nua Klong. The range is better and prices are lower than on the island. Alternatively, we can buy food for you and bill you . Please bear in mind the choice for buying alcohol is limited on the island.

Other essentials

We suggest you bring beach towels, swimmers, shorts, t-shirts, a pair of light long pants or skirt for night time, mozzie spray, sun block, and goggles.

The property has a reverse osmosis filter – so, no need to bring drinking water.

Do I bring towels?

You can bring beach towels, but it is not essential.

What's the cost?

An airport transfer from Krabi Airport to the property costs thb2,300 for your party (including van/car and private boat). A private boat crossing costs bht1,300 each way. This includes a discount of bht200 per crossing for Piman Pu guests.

A taxi to Laem Kruat pier – from Krabi airport it is about 35 minutes – costs bht600-1,000 depending whether you stop for groceries.

Piman Pu recommends for taxi’s from the airport – hotline is 075621100.

If you request a private minivan from Krabi airport to Laem Kruat pier, with a stop at Big C or Tesco Lotus (either has big supermarket and food court for lunch), the base rate is approx bht930 with stopping time bht550 = bht1,480.  This package includes a trip time of 3 hours.

How many people can sleep in the accommodation at the property?

The villa has 3 king size double bedrooms – 2 in the roof and the other on the ground floor.

So, Piman Pu Villa comfortably sleeps 3 couples = 6 persons.

The apartment has 1 king size double bedroom.

So, Piman Pu Lek comfortably sleeps 1 couple = 2 persons.

Does the villa have air conditioning?

As an ecofriendly villa, the property does not have air conditioning. The properties are built for air flows and is equipped with fans.

How far it the villa from the beach?

The property has direct access to near private Luboh Beach.

The property has a gorgeous tropical garden with pool.

What's the beach like?

The beach is sandy but with some coral exposed at low tide. The beach is quite tidal, so at low tide it is not a swimming beach, but at high tide it is like a huge lagoon, with excellent swimming and lovely views.

The pool is available for swimming at all times.

What activities do you recommend?

We can arrange for island hopping day trips – Koh Phi Phi and Bamboo Island National Park are great day trips.

Can I drink the water?

We have a reverse osmosis water filter, so the drinking water is safe – you don’t need to bring drinking water with you – but, you should always drink lots of water in the tropics.

Is there night life?

Not exactly, but there are chill out places along the beach.

What services are included?

The villa comes with meal preparation services.

Your laundry can be done for you when you request.

The house has basic maid services with sheets changed every 3 days.

Is it safe for kids?

Yes – but with supervision – eg there is no fence around the pool and the properties are not really geared up for babies.

Is there a minimum stay?

We generally only accept minimum 3 night bookings.

This is because property is on an island and it takes a boat crossing to get there. In our experience it is not suitable for shorter stays.

If you only have limited time and would like to stay only 2 nights, please contact us to discuss logistics.

Are the rates negotiable?

The rates are very competitive.

In low season for longer stays we are open to reasonable offers on line with the quoted rates.

Is internet/ wi-fi available?

The island now has dtac – so if you purchase a dtac Thai SIM card which receives 3G you will be able to use the internet. 

The villa also has wi-fi. The service and password are on the wall in the villa.

Also – For wi-fi :- Luboa Hut – about 100 metres down the beach has wi-fi service.

Is there a hospital on the island?

There is a good basic clinic at Koh Jum – about 3 ks from the villa.

For serious health issues, there’s a good private clinic in Krabi.

For for serious health issues the best hospitals are in Bangkok, KL and Singapore.

Are there places to eat nearby?

There is a restaurant serving Thai meals where the main road hits the beach – about 50 metres from the villa.

In shoulder and high season there are a number of bungalow resorts which serve meals on the beach (Bonhomie and Luboa Hut are closest).

At the other end of the island there are also restaurants, including Koh Jum seafood at Koh Jum pier, and Freedom resort at the far Southern tip of the island.


Thai meals can be prepared for you – the villa’s main kitchen and dining area is part of the Piman Pu Lek building.

Where can I do grocery shopping?

We advise you might wish to stock up on groceries before you make the crossing.

Although thee are shops at the three villages on the island, the supply is limited and the prices higher than the mainland.

Aside from this, there is usually fresh fish and fruit available on the island – better to buy in the morning.

We can arrange for food to be purchased for you for your meals or to be taken to the island’s shops.

Alcohol is not readily available in the grocery shops, but may be obtained from local resort businesses.


The majority of the locals are muslim, but Thai muslims are not fundamentalists. The minority of the locals are buddhist.

Please show respect in the villages – cover up.


There are some adaptors, but bring your own chargers.